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Structure testing

Atmosphere temperature probe

Celians offers different models of thermocouples and 100-Ohm platinum probes to perform atmosphere, contact, surface and immersion temperature measurements.
Dimensions, connectors, fixings, and coating on request.
Please contact us to define the model that fits your application....

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Potentiometric and magneto resistive displacement sensor – PY2

PY2-range sensors are designed to measure linear displacements from 0-10 mm to 50 mm. Three measurement ranges are available, all with a linearity ranging from 0.2 to 0.1%.
They feature a contact tip and a return spring and they include a potentiometric plastic track.

  • Separate linearity up to ± 0,1%.
  • Infinite resolution.
  • Lifespan > 100x106 operations.
  • Displacement speed up to 10 m/s.
  • Protection class: IP40.

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Bending sensor – Serie F1200 - Serie F1200

F1200-range sensors are designed to measure forces by operating on both bending directions, through a measuring range from 0.5N (full scale) to 125N P.E.
This is the first low cost range of sensors offering accurate readings. Features proposed by vacuum-packed stress gauges are excellent, including exceptional long-lasting stability.

  • Stroke from 0-25 to 0-50 mm.
  • Separate linearity up to ± 0,1%.
  • Infinite resolution.
  • Lifespan > 100,106 operatio...

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