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2655C - Portable multifunction single-way conditioner amplifier readout


  • Force measurement
  • Torque measurement
  • Knock measurement
  • Breakage measurement
  • Shock measurement
  • Shank
  • Transient signal measurement
  • Fugitive signals
  • Control of production
  • Tool breakage monitoring


The portable instrument MEIRI 2655 features a very complete analog and digital electronics allowing the conditioning of strain gauge sensors, potentiometric displacement sensors or LVDT, and the measurement of voltage or current. It is designed to measure peak to peak very rapidly. Using it is very simple: thanks to the drop-down menu, the user can select the sensibility, the measuring range of the sensor, the measurement unit and the measuring condition to operate (tracker or peak of a value, upper and lower limit values of alarms).


Conditioner amplifier for sensor
Display Two 16-character lines
Display Graphic bar of the measure
Configuration 2-language (French + English) drop-down menu
Fast peak measurement 0.1ms
Input converterA/D 16 bits
ResetAutomatic or manual
Electronic calibration
Double threshold detection
Three digital inputs
Relay output
Two 12-bit analog outputs±10 V and 4-20 mA
RS232 outputReal time or postponed printing
Automatic printing of measures


MEIRI 2655AJ Measurement box
For metal stress gauge sensors 120 or 350 Ω

MEIRI 2655AS Measurement box
For piezo-resistive metal stress gauge sensors

MEIRI 2655LVDT Measurement box
For LVDT or RVDT type position sensors

MEIRI 2655DP Measurement box
For potentiometric displacement sensors

MEIRI 26055U Measurement box
For voltage measurement

MEIRI 2655I Measurement box
For voltage measurement