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Atmosphere temperature probe- STA


  • Industrial temperature measurements
  • Motor test-benches
  • Fluid (air, water, hydrocarbon) temperature measurement


This model of temperature sensor exists in PT100 platinum probe version or in thermocouple version. It is ideal for ambient temperature measurements. This range of sensors is equipped with a shielded Teflon extension cable and a support plate for fixing


PT100 version
Tolerance classClass A as standard DIN 43760 and NFC 42330
Accuracy(0,15°C + 2 x 10-3 x T°), is : +/- 0,35°C to 100°C
Temperature resistance250°C
Thermocouple version
Tolerance classClass 1 as standard NFC 42321 and CEI 584
Accuracy(thermocouple K) +/- 1,5°C from -40°C to +375°C +/- 0,004 x IT°I from +375°C to 1000°C
Temperature resistance250°C