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Rotating torque meter – Serie CR7


  • Control of process with torque regulation in order to optimise the stress under which the machine is to be operated.
  • On-line’ measurement of a torque on a transmission shaft, a driving shaft. Tightening tools.
  • Control and calibration of hydraulic and pneumatic screwing machines and torques wrenches.


Type 4503A... torque sensors with built-in speed sensor operate on the strain gauge principle. An integral, digital measurement conditioning system produces analog or digital output signals.
  • Rated torque: 0.2 ... 5,000 Nm
  • Ratio for second range: 1:10 or 1:5 of rated torque
  • Speed ranges up to 50,000 1/min
  • Accuracy class in standard measuring range: 0.1
  • In the extended measuring range: 0.2

- Integral speed sensor - Serial data output RS-232C for torque signals
Additional advantages of second range
- Natural overload protection of smaller range because of special design - One sensor for two separately calibrated measuring ranges.


Nominal Speed
Balancing class Q for version "L"6,3
Balancing class Q for version "H"2,5
Housing materialAnodized aluminum
Exception: size 4 and 5, version "H"stainless steel
Protection classIP40
General Electrical Specifications
Cut-off frequency -3 dB for voltage output±0 ... 5VDC
Output signal5*VDC
At Mnom (rated value)>10KΩ
Load resistance10 ... 60°C
Operating temperature range (rated temperature range)0 ... 70°C
Service temperature range25 ... 80°C
Storage temperature range"On" 3,5 ... 30, "Off" 0 ... 2VDC
100 % control input11 ... 30VDC
Supply voltage<3W
Power consumption12 pin/7 pin, built-in connector
Electrical connection
Electrical Measuring Data − Standard Measuring Range 1:1
Rated torque [N∙m] 0,1
Accuracy class<±0,1
Linearity error [% FSO]optional version <±0,05
including hysteresis<±0,005% FSO/°C
Temperature influence zero point<±0,01 % FSO/°C
Temperature influence nominal value100 ±0,2%
Torque control signal for voltage output/ frequency output
Electrical Measuring Data − Extended Measuring Range 1:5, 1:10
Rated torque0,2
Accuracy class<±0,2% FSO
Linearity error / including hysteresis <±0,02 % FSO/°C
Temperature influence zero point<±0,02% FSO/°C
Temperature influence nominal value100 ±0,3%
Torque control signal for voltage output / frequency output


Versions : QA; HA; RA; RAU