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Rotating torque meter – Serie CR1


  • Control of process with torque regulation in order to optimise the stress under which the machine is to be operated.
  • Measurement of ‘on-line’ torque on a transmission shaft, a driving shaft
  • Tightening tools
  • Control and calibration of electric and hydraulic screwing machines and torque wrenches


The 4501A series torque transducer consists of a test body equipped with strain gauges and mounted free to rotate in a housing integrating the connectic. A rotating collector ensures the transmission of the signal between the test body and the housing.
  • EM FROM ± 0.5 TO ± 1000Nm
  • Accuracy 0.2%EM
  • Angle measure (Option A)
  • Different geometries (type H, Q, R)


Measuring range±2 …1000 Nm
Rated Torque Mnom2 …1000 Nm
Overload capacity - Service torque1,5 xMnom
Overload capacity - Limiting torque1,5 xMnom
Rotational angle measurement2x360, Pulses/revolut.
Rotational angle measurement (Version QA)90° displaced, TTL,
Nominal Speed 3 000 tr/min
Housing MaterialAnodized aluminum
Protection classIP40
Accuracy class0,2
Lineraty error including hysteresis<±0,2 %FSO
Relative hysteresis errorAnodized aluminum
Temp. Influence on the zero point<±0,0015 % FSO/ °C
Temp. Imfluence on the nominal value<±0,0015 % FSO/ °C
Control signal100±0,2 %
Bridge resist., stain gage full bridge350 Ω
Rated value (<6 Nm)1 mv/V
Rated value (>6 Nm)2 mv/V
Operating temperature+5 to +50 °C
Service temperature range-10 to 70 °C
Storage temperature-25 to +80 °C
Electrical connection-25 to +80 °C
Supply voltage strain gagemax. 12 VDC/VAC
Supply voltage angle5/35 VDC/mA