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2680C - Multichannel multifunction measuring unit


  • Adaptation of all types of analog signals from sensors to make them compatible with acquisition system or PLC.
  • Measuring of electrical and physical signals: force, torque, displacement, acceleration, pressure...


2680C measuring unit is able to condition from 4 to 16 sensors, with totally different sensor on each channel.
2680 control unit allows to set up acquisition channels configurations as gain, zero, offset… by sending digital commands handled through the control panel; or be set up with USB connection through a remote PC to acquire direct data and exploit them into Microsoft Excel for instance (.csv files)


Measuring unit ½ 19’’3U1 to 4 measuring channels
Measuring unit ½ 19’’3U1 to 8 measuring channels
Measuring unit 19’’3U rack mounting: 1 to 19 measuring channels
DisplayBacklight LCD screen, 2 lines of 16 characters
Physical unit displaythe reading is done in units of physical measurements
Configuration 4 languages drop down menu
ModularityAdjustable at will, plug-in cards at the front
CompatibilityAll ME26XX amplifier-conditioner-converters
Setting up Digital setting up for displayed physical measuring
Data treatment Analog treatment from sensor to analog output
Outputanalog ±10V per channel
USB linkwith dedicated free software to set up (measuring range, unit and sensor measuring…) unit remotely and to acquire data without any acquisition card
Channel configuration 2680C keyboard and PC
Data acquisition
Acquisition frequency 10 KHz (divided by number of confirmed channels)
Converters 16 bits 100 KHz
Data storageReal time storage of data into .csv files for non-real time treatment into a spreadsheet
Printing Direct printing from RS232C port with time stamped data
SupplySafety supply with 2680C bus monitoring
OutputDefault alarming from relay in positive safety
Input supply 84V to 264VAC 47/63Hz in Schaffner housing
Input / output Wago/Wago or Amphénol/BNC connectors


Option 2 NI2 connectors output of 68-pin connectors (compatible with National Instruments acquisition cards)
Option sorties relaisby 4 channels group, for threshold monitoring, Wago connectors
Directly compatible with PC acquisition cards


Amplifier conditioner for strain gauge sensor (Force,Torque,Pressure)

ME26C AJ card

Amplifier conditioner for LVDT A/B or AB/A+B sensors (displacement)

ME 26C LVDT card

Amplifier conditioner for thermocouple J, K, T… (temperature)

ME 26C TC card

Waveform attenuator (AC voltage, DC, CMR)

ME 26C U card

Mathematic operator: N channel summing/subtractor amplifier

ME 26C 50M/DIFF card

Amplifier conditioner for piezoresistive sensors (semiconductor gauges) (force, pressure, acceleration)

ME 26C AS card

Amplifier conditioner for potentiometric sensors (displacement)

ME 26C DP card

Amplifier conditioner for PT100 or PT1000 thermic sensors (temperature)

ME 26C PT 100 ou PT 1000 card

Converter current/voltage (U AC, DC, RMS)

ME 26C I/U card

Mathematic operator: Differenciator or integrator of electronic waveform

ME 26C DERIV or 26 INT card

Amplifier conditioner for piezoelectric sensors (force, pressure, acceleration)

ME 26C ICP card

Amplifier conditioner for strain gauge sensors (acceleration, pressure)

ME 26C ACE card

Converter frequency/ voltage/ flow/ rotation speed/ transmission / optical fibre

ME 26C F/U or U/F card

Conditioner for incremental encoder analog output (linear displacement, angular displacement)

ME 26C CO card

Extensometer amplifier


4x double threshold detector

ME 26C 4x5V2

Active filter