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ME2657 - High accuracy programmable attenuator with analog and USB outputs (table set)


  • Very high attenuation of analog voltage signals
  • Acoustic qualification benches
  • Analog amplification chain qualification


MEIRI 2657-ATT90 USB box offers analog electronics allowing to attenuate voltage signals until -90dB, with a ±0.1dB accuracy.
Attenuated signal input and output are made thought BNC connectors.
Programming attenuation is set up from the front panel or from a USB plug.
A dashboard on the PC screen enables to set up the attenuator. It can also be programmed by a DLL included with the equipment. Standard model “A” is supplied by mains, version “B” is supplied by rechargeable 15VDC battery.


Programmable analog attenuationFrom 0 to -90dB
No programming1 dB
Attenuation accuracy±0.1dB
Input impedance1 MΩ
Output impedance50 Ω
Voltage input±5V peak (3.535 RMS) V
Coupling AC
Bandwidth5Hz – 20,000 (at -0.1 dB) Hz
Maximum noise<3µV RMS/√Hz
Supply rejection120 dB
Signal inputBNC connector
Signal outputBNC connector
USB plugB type USB connector for standard cable
DisplayBacklit 16-characters x 2 lines
Local command keyboard5 keys
Zinc-plated housingDIN 72 x 144; depth 140 mm
General configurationWith keyboard on the attenuator
Via PC with software (included)
By direct writing by DLL
Measurement rangeProgrammable in dB from 0.0 to 90 by 1dB steps
Mains supply – Standard model A
Voltage85 to 264 VAC; 50-60 Hz
Fuse1A at the rear, 5x20mm type
Supply filterSchaffner
Power15W (typical)
Max. power20W
Battery supply – Model B
Voltage15 VDC
Fuse1A at the rear, 5x20mm type
Power4W (typical)
Max. power20w
Autonomy Approx. 20 hours
Operating temperature range0 to +50°C
Storage temperature range-10°C to +70°C