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Immersion temperature probe

Celians proposes different models of thermocouples and 100-Ohm platinum probes to perform atmosphere, contact, surface and immersion temperature measurements.
Dimensions, connectors, fixings, and coating on request.
Please contact us to define the model that fits your application....

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Bending sensor – Serie F1200 - Serie F1200

F1200-range sensors are designed to measure forces by operating on both bending directions, through a measuring range from 0.5N (full scale) to 125N P.E.
This is the first low cost range of sensors offering accurate readings. Features proposed by vacuum-packed stress gauges are excellent, including exceptional long-lasting stability.

  • Stroke from 0-25 to 0-50 mm.
  • Separate linearity up to ± 0,1%.
  • Infinite resolution.
  • Lifespan > 100,106 operatio...

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ME52C - Analog signal converter Rail DIN

The ME52C converts and amplifies signals originating from all types of electronic devices or sensor to deliver a standardized analog output (±10V, 4-20mA, etc.).

The ME52C is a modular analog signal converter for installation on a DIN rail. It is chiefly designed for the adaptation of signals in order to deliver an analog output which can be used by an acquisition system or a programmable controller.

It can also be used as a voltage or current amplifier, an impedance adaptor ...

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2680C - Multichannel multifunction measuring unit

2680C measuring unit is able to condition from 4 to 16 sensors, with totally different sensor on each channel.
2680 control unit allows to set up acquisition channels configurations as gain, zero, offset… by sending digital commands handled through the control panel; or be set up with USB connection through a remote PC to acquire direct data and exploit them into Microsoft Excel for instance (.csv files)...

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ME520 - Converter of signals and conditioner of analog sensors for strain gauges, DIN rail format.

The single channel measurement model ME520 provides very complete analog outputs for measurement, conditioning and conversion of signals such as strength, torque, pressure, displacement, acceleration sensors or strain gauges.
Three parameters can be adjusted with an easy procedure that allows output trimming depending on the sensor:

  • A potentiometer to trim gain
  • A potentiometer to trim zero
  • A push button to trim calibration
A wide range of opti...

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