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Immersion temperature probe – STI


  • Industrial temperature measurements
  • Motor test-benches
  • Fluid (air, water, hydrocarbon) temperature measurement


This type of sensor is ideally suited for oil measurements, such as engine oil or other fluids within the limits of the RTD type sensing element. This model meets the requirements of MILSTD-810F. Its fast response time and good accuracy make it an ideal sensor for accurate measurements in harsh environments. A transmitter with an analog output (voltage or current) is integrated inside the body. The 316L stainless steel body and the laser welding between the body and the connector ensure an unmatched robustness


Sensitive element2 PT 100 (1/3 DIN Class)
Response time(63.3% of step) 1 s
Insulation resistance1000 mégohoms to 100 VDC
Altitude0 to 50 000 ft
Altitude01g²/Hz de 10 to 200 Hz
Shock+/- 100 g to 120 Hz (axis X,Y,Z)
Calibrated scale-70 °C to 250 °C (on demand)
Output0 V to 10 V (on demand)
Power supply12 to 33 Vcc
Weight < 90 gr