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Cable displacement sensor – Serie CD 50


  • CD50 sensors are cable displacement sensors. They are used to measure (in absolute or in incremental mode) the displacement of a mobile object from its datum.
  • Injection moulding machines.
  • Forging machines and bending machines.
  • Material testing machines.


A linear CD50 works according to the principle of a thread taut between a mobile element and a fixed element, fitted with a return spring drum. The drum then converts the linear displacement into an angle displacement. The shaft of the drum is fitted with a potentiometer, and operates an incremental encoder or an absolute encoder.


Measurement range0 up to 1250 mm
Output signal1kΩ Potentiometer (other values on demand)
ResolutionQuasi infinite (depends on the operating system)
MaterialBody and cover – aluminum (RohS) Measuring cable – inox 316L
Cable diameter0,51 mm
Detection elementMulti-turn Hybrid potentiometer
Connection Male connector M16 – DIN 3 pin Male connector M12 – 4 pin PVC cable – 4 wires
Standard linearity+/- 0,25% PE – stroke ≤500 mm +/- 0,15% PE – stroke >500 mm +/- 0,10% PE – stroke >500 mm
Protection classIP54 ( option IP67)
Max.Velocity10 M/S
Max. Acceleration 40M/S2 (before cable deformation)
Weight≈ 700 g
Operating temperature-20° to +80 °C
Storage temperature-30° to +80°C